NearU is a people-centric, process-driven, and technology-enabled
customer service platform

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the HVAC contracting industry by vastly improving the customer and employee experience

"At NearU, a team with over 100 years of HVAC experience is reshaping the next 100 years of the HVAC industry. We are committed to creating thousands of impactful HVAC career paths for skilled trade talent in the United States."

-Ashish Achlerkar,

Founder & CEO

NearU Core Values and Operating Principles

  • Fairness and Honesty
  • Positive change with an inclusive, forward-thinking culture
  • Respect for all stakeholders: NearU is committed to our customers, employees, and distributor partners
  • Long-term focus on creating value in the industry
  • Process and operational discipline—zero compromise on culture
  • Disciplined and thoughtful organic and inorganic growth
  • Emphasis on evolving legacy of transitioning entrepreneurs

NearU Foundation

  • Trusted buyer and Transition Partner for local HVAC entrepreneurs
  • Cutting-edge training and talent management focus
  • Strong financial bandwidth
  • 100+ years of HVAC and functional expertise

Our disciplined foundational work has resulted in a service platform that we humbly believe is the Preferred Transition Partner, the Preferred Service Provider, and the Preferred Employer in the HVAC industry


The Preferred Transition Partner

Selling your company is an emotional process. NearU understands the needs of entrepreneurs as they seek to achieve a lasting legacy for themselves and their families. NearU provides a competitive value for your business through a fair and confidential transaction process, and will strive hard to enhance your legacy while taking care of your employees and customers.

The Preferred Service Provider

NearU has studied the pain points of HVAC customers; our customer “experience” is designed to address these issues in a consistent and sustainable way. Customers want an experience that provides better Access, Accountability, Transparency and Consistency. NearU is enhancing the value chain to deliver exactly that.


The Preferred Employer

The NearU team believes the HVAC workforce deserves more than just basic job quality. NearU’s cutting-edge emphasis on training and talent management guides our associates to an impactful, customized career path. NearU provides industry-leading pay, benefits, and a meaningful work-life balance along with an inclusive, growth-oriented work culture.