About Us

NearU, a Charlotte, NC-based company, was born out of the need to enhance the HVAC industry from four perspectives: customer experience, talent management, business processes, and technology

"The future of NearU is people.... our most valuable resource. We provide our associates an inclusive, organized, and growth oriented ecosystem."

-Ron Walker,

Chief People Officer

Nurturing the Seller's Hard-Earned Legacy

Most companies in the HVAC contracting industry are small-to-mid-sized businesses with great local brands but lack the bandwidth to grow efficiently beyond a certain scale. NearU is committed to taking such businesses to greater heights while nurturing the company’s legacy, brand, employees, and customers. If you are interested in confidentially exploring transition of your HVAC business to NearU, please click here.

Exceptional Customer Experience and Meaningful Careers

NearU’s customer service culture adds unprecedented Access, Accountability, Transparency, and Consistency to our customers’ experience. Our proprietary training program—offered through NearU University—provides our associates and other industry talent with a variety of well-defined, customized, and impactful career paths. To read more about our business segments, please click here.

A Long-Term Perspective and Passion for the Industry

NearU has the financial bandwidth to pursue organic and inorganic growth initiatives. The company is focused on long-term value creation through proven organic growth drivers, and our talent management expertise.

Execution Prowess Driven by a Seasoned Team

The NearU team has functional depth, industry expertise, and abundant resources to design a strategy that benefits all stakeholders. The company is guided by industry veterans, and functional experts. To read more about our team, please click here.