Ashish Achlerkar

Founder & CEO

Ashish Achlerkar serves as CEO at NearU.

Prior to founding NearU in 2019, Ashish was an Venture Investor at SRI Capital, where he was in charge of identifying and executing on investment opportunities as well as mentoring budding entrepreneurs. Prior to his tenure at SRI, Ashish was a Vice President in the Investment Banking group at Wells Fargo Securities, where he advised a variety of companies on their Mergers and Acquisitions strategy. Before his tenure at Wells Fargo, Ashish developed deep functional experience in Customer Service, Operations and Mathematical modeling in diverse domains such as Manufacturing, Automotive, and Inventory Management. In his role at MCA Solutions, a start up focused on advanced service analytics, Ashish was instrumental in helping the firm scale rapidly in its foundational years. Ashish is most passionate about building teams with an impeccable culture. He enjoys poetry and is an avid swimmer. He resides in Charlotte with his wife and daughter.

Ashish has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the College of Engineering Pune, a Master’s degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas, and an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.