We are committed to reshaping the HVAC employee ecosystem to meet the needs of the current and future workforce.
NearU recognizes the importance of work-life balance, training, career paths, compensation, and benefits.

  • One of our highest priorities is to develop our workplace to meet the needs and interests of the HVAC workforce, and attract new talent to the industry
  • The NearU approach is to develop people by hiring for character and training for skill. Some of the company’s initiatives include paid formal HVAC training, certification, on-the-job training, and flexible work scheduling.
  • You can learn more about these initiatives by contacting us

The reshaping of the HVAC workforce and workspace requires:

  • Focused effort on recruiting, training, hiring industry veterans, and attracting new employees to the industry
  • Full-time recruiter and development officer on the team
  • Career training, both in-house and outsourced
  • Attractive compensation and benefits
  • Work-life balance