The Preferred Transition Partner

NearU’s Evolving Legacy program is differentiated by a disciplined, long-term approach to acquisitions and a collaborative transaction process

"The NearU team fulfilled their promise to deliver a highly confidential and efficient transaction at a fair value for our shareholders.

Their approach is honest, and they remained steadfast in their commitment to the agreed-upon deal terms. We are very confident

that the NearU team will take excellent care of MARK-AIR’s customers, invest in career opportunities for our employees,

and take our legacy to greater heights,,"

-MARK-AIR Founder Mark Edelman and Co-Owner Ken McMullen

  • NearU will operate a fair, transparent, efficient, certain, and confidential transaction process to assist you in transitioning your business. You can focus on running your business while realizing your legacy through a transaction with NearU.
  • You become part of our well-defined, proven pathway for diligence, integration, and value creation. Your legacy, customers, and employees are in safe hands.
  • Your customers and employees will enjoy the benefits of a larger company with the focused nature of a small business
  • Your team members are an integral part of your company’s future. Plans are developed with their input.
  • You become a lifelong NearU champion. We will take your hard-earned legacy to greater heights.
  • NearU is focused on talent development, cultural enhancement, and value creation