Our Mission

Nearu’s mission is to be the preferred service provider to our customers, the preferred transition provider for HVAC entrepreneurs looking for an exit, and the preferred employer for talent in the HVAC contracting industry

"NearU will create an environment to ensure a consistent, positive customer experience with properly
trained and professional technicians throughout the United States."

-Ruth King,

NearU Council of Advisors

“A successful acquisitions program doesn’t see transactions as an end, but as a beginning.

With NearU’s seller-focused buying approach, all parties can focus on the future.”

-John Laughlin,

NearU Council of Advisors

“NearU’s proprietary approach to acquiring and developing contractors will provide a superior experience for homeowners, associates, and industry partners alike. In my 41 years in the HVAC industry I haven’t encountered a more compelling business model than NearU.”

-Doug Wilson,

NearU Council of Advisors

NearU, founded by Ashish Achlerkar, has a vision that is very aligned with Johnstone Supply. NearU's team is laser focused and are executing their strategy with discipline and honesty.  Their People-Centric, Process-Dependent and Technology-Enabled culture is also very aligned with ours.  They aspire to be a Preferred Buyer of HVAC contracting businesses and coupled with their committed approach, the right vision and right culture, they are focused on becoming one of the best in class customer service providers in our industry.  They are truly bringing a visionary approach to the HVAC industry, focused on customer and employee experience. We are very proud to call NearU a customer.

-John Tisera,

President and CEO of Johnstone Supply

NearU is the much-needed enhancement for the HVAC contracting industry