Ruth King

Advisory Council Member

Ruth King

Profitability Master Ruth King has worked in the construction industry (including plumbing,
heating and air conditioning, generators, pool and spa companies, etc.) since 1987. Her work
includes consulting in sales and marketing, finance, technical training, and operations

Ruth has been instrumental in helping business owners understand and profitably use the
information generated from the financial segment of their businesses. She has a knack for
helping business owners truly understand financials.

She is especially proud of one contractor she helped climb out of a big hole. He started with a
negative $400,000 net worth 15 years ago and is still in business today…profitably and with a
positive net worth.

After twelve years on the road, doing 200 flights per year, she knew there had to be a better
way to reach business people who wanted to build their businesses and train their employees.
She began training on the Internet in 1998 and began the first television like broadcasting in
2002. Channels currently include and

Ruth holds an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University and Bachelor’s and Master’s
Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania.

She holds a Class II HVAC contractor’s license (inactive) in Georgia.

Ruth is passionate about helping adults learn to read, photography, and marathon races. She
helped start an adult literacy organization in 1986 that currently serves over 1,000 adults per
year and ran the Boston Marathon and 11 other marathons so far.

Ruth has written many manuals and books including the popular Operations Manuals: Best
Practices for Running a Profitable Service and Replacement company.

Her latest book, The Ugly Truth about Cash, joined Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, Dale
Carnegie and 33 other esteemed authors in the top 37 books start up businesses (and other
business owners) should read. This book preceded by the #1 Best Selling Book, The Courage
to be Profitable
and two other award winning books, The Ugly Truth about Small Business
and The Ugly Truth about Managing People.

She contributes a monthly financial column to HVACR Business as well as columns in Reeves
Journal, Today’s AC, and many other regional publications. Ruth is part of Jim Blasingame’s
Small Business Advocate brain trusts and appears frequently on his national radio program.
She has also been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal Radio Network, the Big Biz Show, and
many regional and local radio programs.

Ruth has spoken for national and state association meetings, national and local trade shows,
manufacturers, distributors, and others in 49 of 50 states. (She is looking for a reason to go to
North Dakota). Ruth is a down to earth, thought provoking speaker who provides audiences
with ideas that will inspire them and help them earn more profits.