Transition Approach

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  • We listen to your expectations and focus on the needs of your organization
  • We will respect the value and brand that you have built
  • Rest assured that your customers and employees will be well taken care of after the transition takes place
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  • Whether you want to exit immediately or would like to transition over time, we will work to accommodate you through creative deal structures
  • The agreement between NearU and your company will be simple, fair, and easy to understand
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  • You will experience a smooth, tested transition approach
  • This will include well-defined and thoughtful diligence, legal, value creation, and integration workstreams
  • You can expect efficiency, transparency, and certainty
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  • You will experience a proven transition and integration process, which ensures a seamless transition of ownership without business disruption
  • The transition process incorporates well-defined procedures to ensure that payroll, benefits, and operational systems are seamlessly in place
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  • The value creation plan begins during the diligence phase to ensure a clearly-defined roadmap for your company’s transition
  • The value creation strategy preserves hard-earned brand and personal legacy